All in the Golden Afternoon

Here is “All in the Golden Afternoon” for the 3/4 grade FLOWERS and the White Rabbit!!
There’s a dance break in the middle!

3/4 Grade Kindergarten Wonderland

The Walrus and the Carpenter

Hi Folks!

Here’s your next helpful video for “Wonderland” this is the “Walrus and the Carpenter” sung by Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum, The Walrus, The Carpenter, the Walrus+Carpenter Singers, AND the Kindergarten Oysters!!

For 3/4 graders you should look in your scripts to see which part is which and only sing your parts! We’ll start working on this song in Kindergarten soon, but in the meantime, listen to it with your little oyster!

Don’t forget to practice with the recording of I’m Late!

1/2 Grade 3/4 Grade Kindergarten Wonderland



Folsom Families, I have done a terrible job of posting on the blog this year. Now that we’ve started our 2017 Kindergarten-Fourth grade production of “Wonderland” I hope to use the blog as a communication tool and a place for students to go to learn music and more!

That being said- here is the first post. This song is for ALL Kindergarten-Fourth graders. It is the first song of the show and it’s called “I’m Late!”