3/4 Grade Instrument Lessons Middle School Band

Jayson and Paradiddles, and Decking the Hall!

Jayson learned paradiddles in his lesson today. They are one Rudiment for drums. A Paradiddle consists of a single stroke, single stroke, then a double stroke. Check it out!

During one Open Music Room time these folks made a video of Deck the Hall. Sing along!

5/6 General Music Kindergarten

6th Grade Teachers in the Kindergarten Music Class

6 Brave 6th graders wanted to teach Kindergarten music. They each came to observe for one class, sometimes participating, sometimes watching. Then they made a plan with their teaching partner, and taught the class! All three pairs did a fantastic job and I hope to continue this project in the second trimester!
Scroll all the way down for a video of the three pairs teaching.

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Instrument Lessons Middle School Band

“Largo” from New World Symphony played by Our Sixth Graders!

This was from our lesson last week. This excerpt of the main melody from Antonin Dvorak’s “New World Symphony” contains a lot of dotted quarter note+eighth note combinations and slurs. That’s what we focused on when learning this piece. The clarinet part is also over the break and really hard to play! These three students are making GREAT progress and are ready to move into (drum roll) THE BLUE BOOK! Wahoo!

And if you’re looking for something to do with your family on a raining afternoon, listen to the whole “Largo” movement from the symphony here while you watch the orchestra members! I LOVE this video! While you’re there you can find videos to the rest of the movements as well, but this is my particular favorite.