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Performing Arts Students from China to perform at UVM!

Ms. Kauffeld’s high school Leland and Gray in southern VT hosts an arts exchange with students from a performing arts college in Inner Mongolia. As a result Ms. Kauffeld has traveled to China to perform TWICE including the summer before she started teaching at Folsom! PLEASE make an effort to travel to Burlington NEXT WEEK on Wednesday Oct 29th to see this AMAZING performance. Their dancing is unlike any you’ve seen before and their traditional Mongolian instruments are SO COOL. We’re even playing a Chinese folk song in band, maybe we could get them to play it that evening…
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Instrument Lessons Middle School Band

Practice Tool for Middle School Band- “Mr. Go”

Hey Middle School Band members!

I made a video of the main melody of “Mr. Go” for you to practice with. We’ll be adding the introduction to the song THIS WEEK so you’ll want to make sure you’re solid on this part.
Remember, I can’t do your practicing for you, I would if I could- but let me help you in this way! Take out your horns and practice along with the video.

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Move It! “Trois Gymnopedie” by Eric Satie

From John Feierabend and Peggy Lyman’s “Move It!”

All of our Folsom Kindergarten-Fourth graders will have done this by Tuesday Sept 23rd! Now you can do it at home-mirror my motions!

Thanks for your support!

Instrument Lessons Middle School Band

Holly and Ms. Kauffeld Play a Duet!

Instrument lessons are off to a great start!

5-8 Band Students are encouraged to leave their instruments at school from Tuesday until Friday, then bring them home for the weekend to practice. 

Here’s one of the things we worked on in Holly’s lesson today.
We played “Lullabye” a traditional duet found in the Standard of Excellence Red Book. 
This tune was helpful in practicing playing in 3/4 time, and playing low B natural. Holly also had some crazy jumping around in her part. (Ms. Kauffeld’s was easier, phew!)

1/2 Grade 3/4 Grade 5/6 General Music COOL MUSIC STUFF! Kindergarten Middle School General Music World Music


Remember last year when the South Burlington High School African Drummers came to perform for us?

They played those crazy things called “Adenkum” (Ah-Den-Koom) that are in actuality just hollowed out gourds!

Sent to us straight from Ghana, West Africa!!

AfricaGhanaMap copy

You might want to revisit my blog post about Master Drummer Sowah Mensah who spent time teaching at UVM (where I met him) as a visiting professor from Oberlin. I first learned to play Adenkum from Dr. Mensah and he is the reason I was able to buy Adenkum for our classroom! We only have 6 Adenkum right now, but if we can add a few each year we will ALL be able to play in class! For now we will rotate between the drums, Adenkum, and other traditional percussion instruments. Stay tuned for Adenkum, we’ll hopefully start in 5th and 6th grade this week! Ms. Kauffeld is SO SO SO EXCITED!
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