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Ms. Kauffeld’s Summer Part 1: Governor’s Institute on the Arts

Maybe this dance looks familiar? This was my offering for the RA Show… I just can’t get away from Ogres.

Hi Folsom Musicians!!!

Wow can you believe we’re already half way through July?! It seems that summer is flying by… so that means I’ve got to get my first video to you! This is my fifth summer working at the Governor’s Institute on the Arts. For two weeks, high schoolers from all around Vermont come together to build a community centered around art. That means painting, drawing, sculpting, dancing, singing, acting, writing, playing instruments, designing lights and SO MUCH MORE. This video shows only a glimpse of what the two weeks is like. I would encourage you to check out their website: to find out a lot more, BECAUSE YOU ALL NEED TO GO WHEN YOU ARE IN HIGH SCHOOL. Okay. All for now. I’ve been receiving some FANTASTIC videos from you… but I’m thinking more must be on their way…

3/4 Grade Giants In the Sky

The 3/4 Cast of “Giants In the Sky” Reflect

Finally, the reflection video!
Check out what the 3/4 Cast Members of “Giants In the Sky” had to say about their experience in the play! (TWO VIDEOS ARE MISSING FROM THIS- I’M WORKING ON TRACKING THEM DOWN! DON’T WORRY SOPHIA AND PARKER!)

1/2 Grade 3/4 Grade Giants In the Sky Kindergarten


Here ’tis Folks! Giants in the Sky!

Share with your friends and family who couldn’t be there to see what great work these actors did! Thank you to ALL who made this possible. If you didn’t get a program, please let me know and I will make sure you do!!!

Stefan Bumbeck has shared his fantastic photos with us, if you would like to print any, get in touch with Stefan and he can send you the file, otherwise, enjoy on Flickr!

1/2 Grade 3/4 Grade Giants In the Sky Kindergarten

Giants in the Sky Rehearsal Videos!

Rehearsal Video 1, From our Early Rehearsals!

The Song Birds practice “Ogre Dance” they choreographed their own dance too!

Lucia chose to work on the K-4 Play for one of her goals this year, here is a video of the scene she blocked with the Song Birds!

1/2 Grade 3/4 Grade 5/6 General Music Giants In the Sky Kindergarten

CREW WORK for “Giants in the Sky!”

Ogre Feet BEFORE:

For one of our favorite songs about everyone’s favorite kitty, Señor Don Gato!IMG_0371
The beginnings of a magic bean… Kayla Prouty’s creation!IMG_0420

The AMAZING cloaks for the Song Birds made by Linda Lake, Abby’s Grandmother!IMG_0448

Lucia, the Assistant Director, assigns tasks to the Running Crew for each set change.IMG_0456 IMG_0457 IMG_0458 IMG_0459

Meg surveys the situation
IMG_0460 IMG_0462 IMG_0463

some of the Middle School Running Crew
IMG_0464 IMG_0465

Little Selfie.
IMG_0467 IMG_0468

Stephen (Aka Bob Ross,) draws the outline of the Fairy Tale WoodsIMG_0470

Dave Perry working on the beanstalk, the brainchild of Linda Perry and Marc Valin!IMG_0473

Marc pretends he is a beanstalk growing from a mound of dirt.IMG_0476
Ogre Feet AFTER:

The Set Changes for Running Crew, thank goodness I’ve got an amazing team, it’s quite a task!!IMG_0479 IMG_0491 KEVIN WINCH AND KEN LITTLE HANG LIGHTS AND SET SOUND… MY HEROS!!!


1/2 Grade 3/4 Grade Giants In the Sky

For ALL TROLLS, Fluffy Kitty, Don Gato, and Serenity!!! Rehearsal Video!

I made this video to help you know WHEN to sing! Look for either “TROLL,” or “ALL” if you’re a first or second grader, otherwise look for your real name or character name!

1/2 Grade 3/4 Grade Giants In the Sky

Giants In the Sky Update! Rehearsal Photos!

FINALLY- Ms. Kauffeld is uploading photos! Thanks to Carolynn Brennan for opening up the library for Collective Costume Creation, here I sit on my laptop, typing with glue-y, glittery fingers, uploading photos while folks are busy at work creative Troll Gloves, capes, And MORE!
So here’s a glimpse of our rehearsals for “Giants in the Sky!” Most photos are from 3/4 Grade after school rehearsals, but you’ll see a few 1/2 grade shots! More pics to come!


Lucia is our Assistant Director this year and she is doing an incredible job! Here, she blocks two of the “Song Birds,” in their scene. Thanks to Kayla for being the photographer!

Our First and Second Grade Trolls in Mrs. Degree’s class practice Miming passing the enormous moon down the line!



We are SOOOOO lucky this year to have Mrs. Banas choreographing a movement piece for our play! We chose Edvard Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” Kari created a dream-like sequence that depicts the Ogres growing tired of the Sun and the Moon and instead finding happiness in being entertained!

The dance is HARD. But the 3rd and 4th grade actors are doing a great job! You can practice at home with this youtube video!

Rehearsal videos to come soon! I’m switching to a new computer (yay for me!) but it’s taking a while to get the programs I use started up!
Keep up the great work! Learn those lines! Build those costumes!