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Music In Our Schools Month: The Final Week

The music room has come ALIVE this week! Many Middle Schoolers are preparing for the District Music Festival this Friday, 4th grade instrumentalists have all been busy at working learning tunes like “Frere Jacques,” “Mexican Mountain Song,” and “Sawmill Creek,” Kindergarteners have been doing 3 different “Mixer Dances,” the 1st and 2nd graders have been learning about Sound in Science, so in music we’ve been talking about PITCH, VIBRATION, and VOLUME, and using the Hand Chimes to discuss all three vocabulary words, in 3rd and 4th grade we’ve been composing with quarter notes and eighth notes and doing our favorite Russian Folk Dance, “Sasha!” AND SO MUCH MORE.


This week has been outstanding for before-school practicing! We’ve seen the return of many faces, (though looking a little sleepy at times,) but I am thrilled to have you back, and so proud of the extra effort you are putting in.
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The Middle School Musical, “School House Rock!” is well under way with our amazing director, Gina Fearn. A terrific group of middle schoolers (and a few awesome 4th graders!) have been learning songs, blocking, and choreography for the show.
IMG_0636 IMG_0639
As we finish out the week I hope to collect more responses to the prompt,
“MUSIC MAKES ME____!” If YOU would like to fill out a sheet at home please let me know and I’ll make sure one makes it home to you!
Here’s a video of Preston rocking the bells, and another of many snippets from the past two weeks- Random Acts of Music, glimpses of K and 1/2 music classes, and band lessons.


Instrument Lessons Middle School Band

Flutes in Snow

Sometimes when you’re in school and it’s blizzarding, it makes you want to go out of school…with your flute.

3/4 Grade Giants In the Sky Instrument Lessons

4th Grade Instrumental Instructional Video!

Our Fourth Grade instrumentalists will open our our play “Giants In the Sky” by performing one of the songs on their instruments!

Here is a video for them to learn their parts, please share it with them! Thank you!

AND- I want to apologize, I have footage from our auditions and some rehearsals that needs to be put online, I’ll work on it soon!!!

3/4 Grade Instrument Lessons Middle School Band

Jayson and Paradiddles, and Decking the Hall!

Jayson learned paradiddles in his lesson today. They are one Rudiment for drums. A Paradiddle consists of a single stroke, single stroke, then a double stroke. Check it out!

During one Open Music Room time these folks made a video of Deck the Hall. Sing along!

Instrument Lessons Middle School Band

Rockstars: The Quinn, Erin, and Kayla Edition

Quinn and I learned the D blues scale yesterday and had some fun improvising with it, so we recorded it!

Kayla has been cruising along on the flute-this is a video we put together to show you our hard work.

Erin comes regularly before school to play and managed to get the music room all to herself while the gym and stage were filled with big sounds from lots of different instruments. She recorded a little “Sawmill Creek,” and “Mr. Go”

5/6 General Music Instrument Lessons Middle School Band

Anna Plays “Think of Me”

This is a great example of what kind of work you can do when you practice at home, can play all of your band music, and come to play in the mornings! We have time for solo pieces! Anna has been doing great work on “Think of Me” from the Phantom of the Opera. It’s in a tricky key for flutes which means it includes notes that Anna hasn’t had to play much in our band music. It also gave us a great chance to talk about breathing and shaping phrases to make them sound more beautiful!¬†Hooray!

Instrument Lessons Middle School Band

Open Music Room!


Opening the music room at 7:30 last week proved to be a smashing success!
On Wednesday morning 6 students came, Thursday 10, and Friday 11!
Students can choose to work with me, work with each other, or find their own space to practice. The most exciting part has been watching more experienced players come in and work with our beginners-what an awesome learning experience for both parties!

Keep ’em coming-I will be there!!!

Instrument Lessons Middle School Band

What’s Been Popping In Band Lessons?

Here are some videos to give you the inside scoop on what’s been going on in our band lessons!

This student has returned to flute after a year vacation and is doing fabulously! She has beautiful tone and articulation technique! Those crazy flute fingerings are coming back to her quickly as well! Hooray!

Here we have “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas” played in October.

And lastly, we’re learning “Mr. Go” by ear, which means we listen to it, sing it, and figure it out without reading any music. The trumpets have figured out the melody AND added some improvisation during the spaces in the tune!


Instrument Lessons Middle School Band

“Largo” from New World Symphony played by Our Sixth Graders!

This was from our lesson last week. This excerpt of the main melody from Antonin Dvorak’s “New World Symphony” contains a lot of dotted quarter note+eighth note combinations and slurs. That’s what we focused on when learning this piece. The clarinet part is also over the break and really hard to play! These three students are making GREAT progress and are ready to move into (drum roll) THE BLUE BOOK! Wahoo!

And if you’re looking for something to do with your family on a raining afternoon, listen to the whole “Largo” movement from the symphony here while you watch the orchestra members! I LOVE this video! While you’re there you can find videos to the rest of the movements as well, but this is my particular favorite.