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The 2014 Folsom Winter Concert!

Here ‘Tis!
Photos to follow!

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The concert was a great success, all students put in a tremendous effort, and their hard work certainly paid off.

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Remember last year when the South Burlington High School African Drummers came to perform for us?

They played those crazy things called “Adenkum” (Ah-Den-Koom) that are in actuality just hollowed out gourds!

Sent to us straight from Ghana, West Africa!!

AfricaGhanaMap copy

You might want to revisit my blog post about Master Drummer Sowah Mensah who spent time teaching at UVM (where I met him) as a visiting professor from Oberlin. I first learned to play Adenkum from Dr. Mensah and he is the reason I was able to buy Adenkum for our classroom! We only have 6 Adenkum right now, but if we can add a few each year we will ALL be able to play in class! For now we will rotate between the drums, Adenkum, and other traditional percussion instruments.┬áStay tuned for Adenkum, we’ll hopefully start in 5th and 6th grade this week! Ms. Kauffeld is SO SO SO EXCITED!
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