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2013 Winter Concert!


We had an AMAZING Winter Concert on December 12th!

Students worked so hard to learn their parts, memorize lyrics, learn new fingerings, strive for contrasting dynamics, blend with their neighbors and SO MUCH MORE.

The video of the WHOLE concert is on Youtube now!

I want to give a shoutout to the man who filmed it, (My guess is it was a member of the Smith family!) You can watch the video here!

If you have photos from the concert Ms. Kauffeld would love to share them on the blog and put them up in the hallways, you can email them to her at


Middle School Chorus

Chorus Adventures with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra!


Having just arrived back from Burlington with the Middle School Chorus I’m having a hard time finding words to express how proud I am. Not only were these 25 students exemplary audience members, but they brought enthusiasm and joy, which was made obvious by being the first to start the standing ovation at the end of the performance.


The Vermont Symphony Orchestra performed “Music Means the World to Me,” which was a narrated tour through 7 countries on 5 continents. Before and after each piece the charismatic narrator gave us information about the style of the piece, what instruments played, and why the sound was unique to that country.

Ask your sons and daughters to describe the different sounds they heard in each country!


See those colored dots? Those are the countries we visited!

Here’s a little video of the group!

The Folsom Musicians would like to extend an ENORMOUS thank you to The Vermont Arts Council and The National Endowment for the Arts for funding our transportation to and from Burlington! This trip may not have been possible without their support!


And Here are links to the songs we heard! I tried to find different instruments playing the songs than an orchestra. Do they sound the same?

USA Aaron Copland’s, “Hoe-Down”

MEXICO José Padillo’s “Cielito Lindo” (Mariachi Band)

IRELAND Percy Grainger’s “Molly on the Shore” (Wind Ensemble)

AUSTRIA Johann Strauss Jr.’s “Die Fledermaus Overature” 

HUNGARY Johannes Brahms’ “Hungarian Dance No. 5” (Wine-Glass Harp)

TURKEY Amadeus Mozart’s “Turkish March” (I couldn’t find the march we heard by Modeste Mussorgsky!)

CHAD (on the Continent of Africa) “Oh Yini” (I couldn’t find Vermont Composer Ellen Lindquist’s “African Processional” so I want to share one of my favorite African songs.)

CHINA Fritz Keisler’s “Tambourin Chinoise”

USA Henry FIlmore’s “Lassus Trombone” (Bulgarian Navy Band)

GERMANY, but really, EVERYWHERELudwig van Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” (This is one of my FAVORITE VIDEOS EVER!!!!)



Kindergarten 11/22!

Welcome to the first Folsom Music Blog Post!

It only took me a full trimester to get this started… but better late than never!

We’ll start with Kindergarten. We meet twice a week for a total of 90 minutes. We have three main goals in our music classes:

1. To become “Tuneful” be able to match pitch, or, ear a note and match it with your voice.

2. To become “Beatful,” to be able to keep a steady beat whether it be on an instrument, with our voices, on our laps, or in our dancing.

3. To become “Artful.” Now, this one is more vague, and thusly quite expansive in the realm of what it refers to. In Kindergarten we practice telling stories in an expressive way with our voices, faces, and full bodies. I like to think of being Artful as the ability to express what you imagine in your head, through a physical means.

We’ve explored so many different musical elements already in our first trimester, but here are two videos to give you a taste of what we’ve been working on lately!

1. Partners were given cards with notes and were told to create a rhythm that they liked using all four cards. (It was our first time, so you’ll see that some rhythms are being read from right to left, we’ll get there!)

The second video I want to share kind of blew my mind.

2. Students brought me a book from their classroom, When the Root Children Wake Up by Audrey Wood ( There is a song at the end which they asked me to sing. I sang it once, and then I sang again and asked them to move around the room like root children. They begged to hear it one more time. On the third time, they had somehow, without planning, arranged this group dance… I gave them no instruction, suggestion, or cues… I thought it was beautiful, I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for sharing your children with me!