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Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Youth Choir!

140606_0013Big-time choral composer Eric Whitacre created the “Virtual Chorus” around five years ago. He announced to the world that if they recorded his song, those videos would be taken and combined to created a gigantic, virtual chorus.


This year, it was a YOUTH chorus. The following Folsom Students all came to learn the song with me, and MOST of us were able to get our videos recorded and sent in! (If you haven’t yet and are able to do it at home, THEY’RE DUE TOMORROW JUNE 8!)
I would like to congratulate the following students on their extra effort and musical enthusiasm!! I must also extend a HUGE thank you to Julie Moykens who came to both days of rehearsal, brought snacks, took video, and shared words of encouragement!

Hooray For:


Parker Banas
Griffin Carrier
Jenna Marcotte
Skarlette Clark
Serenity Clark
Sadie Lavallee
Kaylee Lavallee
Nora Heslop
Sophia Bishop
Taylor Desjardin
Frankie Brownell
Morgan Brownell
Calvin Noel
Maddy Noel
Abby Lee
Charlotte Bumbeck
Sunny Wickenden
Aurelia Wickenden
Anika Siegfried

Now, you’ll notice that I forgot to take pictures during MANY of the recording sessions… too many things in my brain!


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Kindergarten through 8th grade general music, band, and chorus students!

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