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Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Youth Choir!

An amazing opportunity has sprung up! Eric Whitacre is a choral composer who has taken the world by storm with his innovation of the “Virtual Choir.” Each year for the past 4 years Whitacre announces one of his compositions that will be performed by a virtual choir. Singers learn the music and record a video of themselves singing, and send it to Whitacre who then edits these videos together into one giant, virtual chorus.

THIS YEAR- the call is for a YOUTH chorus! Singers under the age of 18!
This link will take you to the website with ALL the info!
Singers will need to provide a parent or guardian’s email address, and that adult will need to submit a consent form.

I will be offering after school/recess/random free time rehearsals as much as possible for singers. I am able to record them with my computer, but I will need to sign into their account using their guardian’s email. I contacted the Virtual Choir Support Team about making a teacher account to record student videos, but due to legalities with parent consent, we’re unable to do that. SO! If your kiddo wants to do this and is unable to record into a computer video camera (that is important) at home-get in touch with me!!!
So far I can only send you a link to LISTEN to the song, “What If” but the Virtual Choir team is working on uploading sheet music so teacher can help their students!
Listen here!

Please check out two of the Virtual Choir Videos from the past!
The first had
8,409 Videos submitted from
5,905 Singers from
101 Countries

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