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Alligator Pie!

The ladies of the Voodoo Troupe practice their big number!!

1/2 Grade 3/4 Grade Down By the Bayou

Rehearsing Scene 3! Frog Hunters, Frogs, Fiona, and Flo!

An after school rehearsal of Scene 3: Flo meets Frogs, Fiona, and the Frog Hunters!
Check out our Second Graders’ FIRST rehearsal!! What a great job they are doing!

Middle School Chorus

The Middle School Chorus Sings: THE MANGO SONG

One of our newest rounds- The Mango Song.
See if you can sing along:


You might notice that the tricky rhythm during the “Kiwi” section makes it hard to keep the groove going as soon as you start singing it as a round. That’s because “Kiwi” falls on the offbeats of the measure. The musical word to describe this phenomena is: Syncopation.

Syncopation was the basis for Ragtime music, which was a predecessor of what we think of as “Jazz” today! And for those of you involved with “Down By the Bayou,” you’ll find syncopation in our Dixieland Music as well!


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Recordings of the Songs for “Down By the Bayou”!!!

I recorded the songs using, which is a very cool website to share your recordings! Check it out!

Something’s being a little funky with sharing from the soundcloud website- I’m hoping this will work.

“Gonna Take You Down” has yet to be recorded-stay tuned.

Thank you for your amazing support or the cast- they are working SO hard!!


3/4 Grade Down By the Bayou

“Gonna Take You Down” learning the song

Maddy, Charlotte, and Katie rehearse “Gonna Take You Down,” from “Princess and the Frog” for our play!

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“Down By the Bayou” As January Ends…

Happy February!

The curtain will open on our Kindergarten through Fourth grade play in a MONTH AND 13 DAYS!! Wahoo!

This means it is DEFINITELY time to be memorizing lines! The best way to learn lines is to read the scene with a family member! Remember that not only do you need to know WHAT to say, but WHEN to say it! (That’s called your “cue” line!)

Another great way to practice your lines is by following your blocking while you say them. Set up your bedroom as if it’s the stage, and move around on it like you were doing the real scene!

All of the cast members have been doing extraordinary work on our play- even on the Ski Day where we had less than half of our 1-4 students in school, we were able to use the time productively.

Lyrics for the four songs that the ENTIRE CAST will be singing are posted in a previous blog post- stay tuned for recordings that will be posted online!!

Thank you for all of your support, here’s another sneak peak into the work we did over the past two days!